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Grandpa Simpson Does it Again

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Is it the naked opportunism or the blatant hypocrisy that is most glaring in John McCain?

It seems that after weeks of criticizing Obama for inexperience and judgment, Grandpa Simpson has decided to go with a candidate with no national experience and whose judgement, by evidence of her current ethics investigation, is at best, suspect.

Right-wing clowns will try to rationalize that a one-term governor of a state with a population that is less than many small American cities is not the same thing as being as U.S. Senator— it’s better! they’ll argue. But c’mon, these people have no principles and will argue (read: SAY) anything to win.

The naked opportunism is another matter all together. Does Grandpa McSimpson actually think that he can pick up disgruntled Hillary voters simply by choosing someone with a vagina? How stupid does he think women are? Oh yeah,remember his rape joke? Or how he calls his own Sugar Mama a “cunt“?

I guess he does actually think women are that stupid. But c’mon he ain’t the brightest guy in the world anyhow. (See his Annapolis scores. Where did this spoiled brat of privilege place in his class? Why, at the bottom of course– He is a Republican, after all.)

Side note: remember Karl Rove whining like the little bitch that he is, that if Obama chose Gov. Tim Kaine, it would show a “purely political choice” that ignores the “responsibilities of the presidency“? What are the odds Rove or Fox et al will admit the same here? LOL… yeah, I know…. just thought I’d finish with a joke bigger than the GOP.


Written by gripedujour

Friday, August 29, 2008 at 1:10 pm