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Palin Had an Affair?

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In the wake of the national media’s ass kissing of the prom queen based on the fact that she can actually read a teleprompter! News comes from one of America’s most reliable information outlets, The National Enquirer, that Sarah Palin (the gift that just keeps on giving) had an affair with a business partner of her husband.

True? We’ll find out… BUT the National Enquirer did get it right on John Edwards AND Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction, so who’s to say?

After that speech of hers and the absolute B.S. it contained (someone please show me where Obama said he will not go after terrorists and if he does all he wants to do is read them their rights?) and her accusations that he’s a total wimp for being a one-time community organizer while she rocks ‘cuz she fired her chef (in Republican circles that’s HUGE!) that woman forfeited the right to whine about lies.

Anyhow, right now things in her personal life are just too dramariffic to pay attention to her stack of lies about Obama.

One thing about Sarah Palin that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE is what her soon-to be-son-in-law had to say: They are a bunch of rednecks. Teen pregnancy, a sauced daughter, high school drop outs, naked pictures, adulterous affairs? How’d they ever fit all that into the trailer park?


UPDATE:  To see picture of the guy The Enquirer think is Palin’s backdoor man, click here.

Written by gripedujour

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 10:37 pm

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