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McCain Camp Confuses Walter Reed Hospital with Jr. High School

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Remember that big green blob behind McCain’s head during his acceptance speech? It was a lawn. The front lawn of Walter Reed Junior High School in Hollywood California. Problem is, the jerkoffs in the McCain camp thought it was a picture of Walter Reed Army Medical Center— the spot that houses our wounded soldiers after they come back from Bush’s mess in the Middle East.

And they want to run the country? Plus, they got the nerve to complain about Obama’s stage?! Asshats.

As always, please ask yourself what the right-wing reaction would be if Barack Obama’s campaign confused the two. Anyone for this bullshit: “They don’t really support our troops! They don’t even know the difference between a Hollywood High School and our nation’s most important medical facility for wounded heroes!”

Did I mention the “asshat” part?


Written by gripedujour

Friday, September 5, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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