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You Know This Already, Right?

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Cindy McCain is a junkie. Back in the day, the heiress was was so strung-out that she was stealing pills from her own charity in order to supply her habit. In fact, these pills were meant to go to, like third world starving children or something. The princess didn’t seem to mind, she jacked the pills on got her high on.

When the hammer came down, Princess Cindy got what all rich people get— off. No trial, no jail, no nothing. There was a heavy-duty DEA investigation, but through mass layers and big-time cash the poor little rich girl got off with a fine and— get this: the charity she formed had to be disband. That’s right, nothing happened to Cindy, but the poor African kids got fucked.

Of course John McCain was shocked, shocked! to learn that he wife was strung-out. Yeah, right. He’s either a liar or a terrible husband. I’m mean how could he not notice his cunt wife was a junkie?

This morning’s Washington Post has a really big piece on the whole affair that comes in at just over four pages (and five years too late). If you want to click on over and check out some old news, it’s here.

As always, please ask yourself what would happen if Michelle Obama was so strung out on drugs that she was stealing from a charity to support her habit?

(Of course Michelle Obama ain’t white or rich, and most of all she’s not a Republican— they get away with this shit, we don’t. Asking yourself why that is may be a better question.)


Written by gripedujour

Friday, September 12, 2008 at 8:20 am

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