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Sarah Palin’s Lover- Revealed!

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We first featured this story here, but there’s new dirt. The National Enquirer has has completed their “exhaustive” probe of Sarah Palin and her back doorman, Brad Hanson. Here’s the skinny: apparently the affair went down in the 90s and Sarah Palin’s friends say that though the love flowed deep, Palin maintained (to her girlfriends, anyway) that the relationship was never “consummated” (think Monica, blue dress). Palin’s husband Todd and Brad Hanson were homeboys, who were in bidness together until Todd found out Brad and Sarah had been “bonding” over “shared interests”. (What kinda “bonding” would make a husband tell his wife she can’t talk to his friend no more?) The witness: Former brother-in-law of Brad Hanson, Craig Bratton, is the one spilling the beans. Bratton claims, “everyone knew Brad was having an affair.” and that word has gone down he family pipeline that if anyone comes asking to deny the affair was with Palin. However….

Bratton has been given a polygraph test and passed! with flying colors. Uh-oh.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 1:28 pm

A Few of My Favorite, Latest Palin Rumors…

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…In reverse order of truthiness. 

1. Track Palin joined the Army to avoid jail time for drugs.

The skinny:  Wasilla is the “meth capital of Alaska.” There are rumors Track was one of three unnamed teenagers charged with vandalizing 44 school buses while drunk. The neat dirt here is that the prom queen made her son’s military service a key part of her acceptance speech. Add this to her knocked up teenage daughter and you’ve got a conservative base that will have to kick it into Super-Heavy-Denial-Gear to keep up the family values bullshit.

2.Levi Johnston will not marry Bristol Palin. 

This one is a slam-dunk (in the you know, non-Bush Iraq War kinda way.) There is no chance on earth that this kid’s parents will force him to get married at age 18 and move off to Washington DC with some teenage alcoholic slut and her deranged parents. After Nov 4 there is ZERO chance of this wedding happening. It’s just more GOP bullshit.




3.Sarah Palin is a rude, bitch. Or As McCain likes to call his wife, “a cunt.”

This isn’t even really a rumor is it? This is just a fucking fact. No real need to type up any snappy patter on this one. She’s speaks for herself— when McCain let’s her.





I know left out the affair rumors, and the racist stuff, and the naked pictures but that’s old shit. If you’re interested in those oldies but goodies hit the links here, here, and here.

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Monday, September 8, 2008 at 5:01 pm

Update: The National Enquirer May Have It Right (Again)!

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Couple days back a story broke that hot and slutty VP choice Sarah Palin had an affair with one of her husband’s former business partners. McCain threatened big time, rich boy legal shit and pretended it was all nonsense. Now comes word that this “ex-business partner” has just filed an emergency motion to have his divorce records sealed! Yikes!

Skeletons much, bitch?

The drama we all loved for years has been canceled. “The Clintons” will no longer be seen on this channel so that we may bring you the never-ending escapades of America’s newest white-trash political family, “The Palins”— Teenage Pregnancy! Drunk Kids on the Loose! Naked Pictures! Mad Affairs! Rednecks Aplenty! The Trailer Park’s Never Been So Much Fun!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 9:40 am

RNC Releases Ad Attacking Obama’s Stage (It’s all they got)

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Poor bastards. The prom queen is under fire for nude pics, adulterous affairs, a drunk knocked up daughter, and oh yeah, she’s not even close to being qualified! Oh well.

So what do those whining bitches at the GOP have in return? Obama’s stage sucked!

This from a group of people who can’t even tell the difference between Walter Reed Hospital and a Junoir High School.

Here’s their weak-ass ad. Watch once, puke, repeat.

Sarah Palin’s Lover?

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By now you’re familiar with the National Enquirer story that Princess Palin has been foolin’ around. Well, here’s the guy the National Enquirer thinks has been banging the prom queen. His name is Brad Hanson and here are some basic stats on the man from Palmer, Alaska:

Re-elected October 2005, with current term ending October 2008.

Council Member Hanson was elected by the City of Palmer voters to serve in October of 2002 and re-elected October 2005. His current term ends in October 2008.

Is facial hair, like mandatory in the state of Alaska? We know Bristol’s baby daddy favors the look. If Palin is elected will we all be forced to give up our liberal abortions, have pregnant teenage daughters and ordered to get down with the chin pubes?

Barack Obama Sits Down with a Sexual Predator

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Forget naked pictures of Sarah Palin, stories of adultery, and pics of her drunk daughter. For something really salacious (and semi-sick) watch as Barack Obama sits down with a Fox “News” sexual predator for an “interview”.

For reasons only known to God, you can see a real-live whore chaser and adulterer who has an affinity for rubbing Greek food all over women’s vaginas not only act as though he deserves to be sitting with a historic figure like Barack Obama, but seems as smug as a guy with a dildo “shaped liked a cockup his butt.

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Palin Had an Affair?

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In the wake of the national media’s ass kissing of the prom queen based on the fact that she can actually read a teleprompter! News comes from one of America’s most reliable information outlets, The National Enquirer, that Sarah Palin (the gift that just keeps on giving) had an affair with a business partner of her husband.

True? We’ll find out… BUT the National Enquirer did get it right on John Edwards AND Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction, so who’s to say?

After that speech of hers and the absolute B.S. it contained (someone please show me where Obama said he will not go after terrorists and if he does all he wants to do is read them their rights?) and her accusations that he’s a total wimp for being a one-time community organizer while she rocks ‘cuz she fired her chef (in Republican circles that’s HUGE!) that woman forfeited the right to whine about lies.

Anyhow, right now things in her personal life are just too dramariffic to pay attention to her stack of lies about Obama.

One thing about Sarah Palin that is ABSOLUTELY TRUE is what her soon-to be-son-in-law had to say: They are a bunch of rednecks. Teen pregnancy, a sauced daughter, high school drop outs, naked pictures, adulterous affairs? How’d they ever fit all that into the trailer park?


UPDATE:  To see picture of the guy The Enquirer think is Palin’s backdoor man, click here.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 10:37 pm