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Bill O’Reilly, Lying Douche

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Serial whore chaser and Fox “News” liar Bill O’Reilly is claiming that in a “60 Minutes” interview McCain was asked about the economic crisis, while Obama was not during his “60 Minutes” interview.

Quote from sexual predator, Bill O’Reilly:


All right, here I am. Now, John McCain was on 60 Minutes along with Barack Obama last night. They didn’t ask Obama — Steve Kroft did not — about this financial disaster, OK? But they did ask McCain. Roll the tape.

O’Reilly proceeds to roll tape on the McCain interview where Richie Rich was, in fact, asked about the financial crisis. Then in true Fox fashion, O’Reilly neglects to roll tape from the Obama interview. Wanna know why? ‘Cuz Obama was asked about the financial crisis— several times— and O’Reilly is a lying douchebag. Transcript after the jump.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Olbermann and Mathews are Out— Gregory is In

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NYT is reporting that MSNBC is kicking Mathews and Olbermann to the curb for acting like little bitches during the Democratic National Convention. Sources say “employees” (Read: Brokaw and Williams) at NBC were embarrassed by the two bickering little girls.

As such, and effective immediately, David Gregory will take the top stop at the fledgling network and Olbermann and Mathews will go back to doing what they do best: running their mouths.

So ends the great liberal network experiment. I have to wonder how much of this was brought on by intellectual hand-wringing at the top, where being called an elite and ideologue by the likes of a whore chaser like Bill O’Reilly or a liar like Sarah Palin can cause great self-reflection and many sleepless nights. “If Bill O’Reilly thinks were ideologues, maybe we are.”


Nevertheless, it’s over.

Here’s a clip of Jon Stewart making fun of the MSNBC mess last week:

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Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 9:27 pm

Barack Obama Sits Down with a Sexual Predator

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Forget naked pictures of Sarah Palin, stories of adultery, and pics of her drunk daughter. For something really salacious (and semi-sick) watch as Barack Obama sits down with a Fox “News” sexual predator for an “interview”.

For reasons only known to God, you can see a real-live whore chaser and adulterer who has an affinity for rubbing Greek food all over women’s vaginas not only act as though he deserves to be sitting with a historic figure like Barack Obama, but seems as smug as a guy with a dildo “shaped liked a cockup his butt.

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Is Sarah Palin Un-American?

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Seems that lost in the whole my teenage daughter got drunk, knocked up, and dropped out of high school— plus, and oh yeah, I’m under ethics investigation thing— people seem to have not noticed that Sarah Palin is, at the very least, un-American. Maybe she even hates America.

Don’t believe me? Not as part of John McCain’s crack vetting process, but instead as part of good ‘ole investigative journalism we come to find out that Sarah Palin supported the Alaska Independence Party. A Party that what? Wait for it… advocates seceding from the United States of America.

That’s right. Sarah Palin supported an organization that hates America so much that they want to break up our union, leave the country and become a nation unto themselves (or join Canada— seriously). What’s more un-American than that?

Now a few years later Sarah Palin wants to run a country she advocated destroying? And believe me, wanting to break up The United States of America does count as destroying it.

Disliking your country so strongly that you not only want to leave it, but want to take one of our 50 great states with you when you go? How is this not unpatriotic?

Please, ask yourself what would happen if Barack “Madrassa” Obama or his wife Michelle “Kill Whitey” Obama had belonged to such an organization? Would Sean Hannity ever shut up about this? Would Bill O’Reilly pull the luffa out of his ass long enough to jump on (and dry hump) the bandwagon? Of course he would (And that’s saying something).

Even a draft dodger like Rush Limbaugh would go on and on and on about how un-American the Obamas are, and we’d spend the next six weeks debating whether or not the Obamas love this country.

However, let a Republican advocate breaking up the United States of America and conservatives can’t wait to put them in the White House.

Man, the GOP hates America.

Palin Fails as a Mother

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"I may Be Broke But at Least I'm not Flat Busted"

Seems Grandpa Simpson’s Prom Queen ain’t much of a mother after all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, having your teenager daughter get knocked up isn’t in itself the sign of a failed mother. Why, just look at Britney Spears’ mother and teenager daughter Jamie Lynn. Who among us could say that Britney’s mom didn’t do a great job?

No, that’s not it at all. Unfortunately the failed sportscaster turned politican has long since preached her beliief in eschewing sex-education in the schools of Alaska in favor of what? You guessed it, teaching ABSTINICE. How that work out for her? Um, not so well. The Palin people today announced that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is, in fact, sperminated.

Will Republicans aknowledge that their VP in go-go boots perfeclty illustrates yet another failed GOP idea? Can they see that they now have a poster child for the failure of abstinence preaching teaching as an effective policy against unwanted pregnancy? Or will they admit instead that Palin simply sucks as a mom? I mean, which is it?

Side note: Anyone care to guess what Rush Limbaugh, et al would say if in a few years Michelle Obama’s daughter turned up as a pregnant, unwed teenager? Cue the FOX “News” graphics and the “Baby Daddy” slurs.

Remind me, is hypocrisy a family value? ‘Cuz I know picking up dudes in bathroom stalls is. And of course, so is whore chasing and pill popping.

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Monday, September 1, 2008 at 11:28 am