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Bill O’Reilly, Lying Douche

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Serial whore chaser and Fox “News” liar Bill O’Reilly is claiming that in a “60 Minutes” interview McCain was asked about the economic crisis, while Obama was not during his “60 Minutes” interview.

Quote from sexual predator, Bill O’Reilly:


All right, here I am. Now, John McCain was on 60 Minutes along with Barack Obama last night. They didn’t ask Obama — Steve Kroft did not — about this financial disaster, OK? But they did ask McCain. Roll the tape.

O’Reilly proceeds to roll tape on the McCain interview where Richie Rich was, in fact, asked about the financial crisis. Then in true Fox fashion, O’Reilly neglects to roll tape from the Obama interview. Wanna know why? ‘Cuz Obama was asked about the financial crisis— several times— and O’Reilly is a lying douchebag. Transcript after the jump.

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Written by gripedujour

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 1:13 pm

McCain Playing Politics with Not Playing Politics

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Let me explain. Obama called McCain at 8:30am this morning to suggest he and McCain issue a joint statement with regard to the current economic meltdown. Stung by recent polling that shows him getting his ass kicked, McCain took six hours to respond to Obama and agreed to the idea of a joint statement. MINUTES later the little bitch took to the podium himself calling for what? a pause in campaigning and desire to work with Obama in a bipartisan way to solve the economic crisis.

In other words, he stole Obama’s idea, came out to the press solo and made it look like the whole thing was his idea.

In addition, McCain is crying uncle on the debates, knowing full-well he’ll get his ass kicked this friday with the nation so entirely focused on economic issues. Although the debate is to focus on national security, look for the questioners to turn every “national security” question into an economic question. That’s a debate McCain will lose. As such, he don’t want to play.

If the Obama team falls for this stupid shit and agrees to postpone the debate, they deserve whatever they get…

Written by gripedujour

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 12:53 pm