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Bill O’Reilly, Lying Douche

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Serial whore chaser and Fox “News” liar Bill O’Reilly is claiming that in a “60 Minutes” interview McCain was asked about the economic crisis, while Obama was not during his “60 Minutes” interview.

Quote from sexual predator, Bill O’Reilly:


All right, here I am. Now, John McCain was on 60 Minutes along with Barack Obama last night. They didn’t ask Obama — Steve Kroft did not — about this financial disaster, OK? But they did ask McCain. Roll the tape.

O’Reilly proceeds to roll tape on the McCain interview where Richie Rich was, in fact, asked about the financial crisis. Then in true Fox fashion, O’Reilly neglects to roll tape from the Obama interview. Wanna know why? ‘Cuz Obama was asked about the financial crisis— several times— and O’Reilly is a lying douchebag. Transcript after the jump.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Sarah Palin, World’s Biggest Liar

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Did you see this stupid shit?

Shit chucking ape, Sean Hannity, while kissing Sarah Palin’s ass in an “interview” last night asked the following question:

Did you watch Tina Fey on “Saturday Night Live”?

The prom queen’s bizarre lie in response:

I watched with the volume all the way down and I thought it was hilarious, she was spot on.

What the fuck did she just say? Fortunately it continued, ‘cuz I couldn’t believe my fucking ears:

HANNITY: Do you think you could play her one day?

PALIN: Oh absolutely. It was hilarious. Again, I didn’t hear a word she said, but the visual was spot on.

It’s not that I care that she’s clearly a pathological liar, but it’s just that she’s so fucknig bad at it.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 8:23 am

Barack Obama Sits Down with a Sexual Predator

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Forget naked pictures of Sarah Palin, stories of adultery, and pics of her drunk daughter. For something really salacious (and semi-sick) watch as Barack Obama sits down with a Fox “News” sexual predator for an “interview”.

For reasons only known to God, you can see a real-live whore chaser and adulterer who has an affinity for rubbing Greek food all over women’s vaginas not only act as though he deserves to be sitting with a historic figure like Barack Obama, but seems as smug as a guy with a dildo “shaped liked a cockup his butt.

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Study: Fox News Viewers are Total Hypocrites

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Watching Fox “News” valiantly defend the idea of teenage pregnancy, family privacy and “kids being off-limits” these last few days, got me thinking about the OTHER recent teenage pregnancy that swept the nation this past year: Jamie Lynn Spears.

So, I decided to do a little informal study. Results below:

Here’s Fox “News” viewers on Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy:

“It’s obvious that the Spears family is out of control.”

“I believe that Jamie-Lynn should be fired from Zoey 101.”

“This sends a really bad message to a generation of already sluttified young girls.”

“Seems if the parents were more in control of their children these days, these kind of mistakes may not be happening.”

“Teenage pregnancy is not normal …”

“If our children were actually PARENTED instead of parents’ trying the buddy-buddy route with their children…her mom should feel shamed by this.”

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Now, let’s take a look at what Fox “News” viewers had to say about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy:

“(Bristol) should be congratulated for accepting this responsibility.”

“(Bristol) is a beautiful girl…..and deserves to have this time as a private moment.”

“I feel that it’s not the mistakes your children make that questions your parenting skills”

“The Palins have a everyday problem an they chose to handle it the way thay all see fit an it is not any of our concern except for support .”

“Yes, her daughter is pregnant….I think the fact that they are supporting their daughter with love and sound advice speaks a lot to their devotion to their children.”

Again, you get the idea.

Uh-huh. The incredible thing is that these people actually believe themselves to be “Fair and Balanced”. What do you think? Let me know in the comments…

Anyhow, having now spent WAY TOO much time on the FOX “News” site, I gotta go burn my computer and grab a Silkwood shower.

Bambi, You’re Scaring Me

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Bambi is taking the high road in the Palin unwed teenage pregnancy scandal and I applaud that. I really really do. Barack Obama is proving himself a man of honor and discipline. (He’s above all that knee-capping stuff, but I’m not.)

Ever take honor and discipline to a knife fight? Tell you what, next time you’re in a street brawl take the high road, then call me and let me know how it goes. I’ll be waiting…. forever.

Unfortunately, John Kerry took the high road in ’04 and look how that turned out. If there’s one thing I quasi-admire about the Republicans is that they will kick an old lady down a flight of stairs to win an election on the local PTA board— let alone the Presidency of the United States of America. Don’t believe me? Just ask John McCain.

By Obama not responding, he risks letting the GOP frame the argument to their liking and believe me, they will. They’re already busy making it about Obama, not Palin. She’s now the victim of the scurrilous left-wing rumor mongers.

Obama says that kids are off-limits. Tell that to the GOP. Bambi is naive if he thinks he sets the rules. He doesn’t. He better get on this shit soon or by morning the entire scandal will be his fault and CNN et al will be playing right along.

So ok, lay off the kids. Speak to the failed policies of abstinence, Palin’s judgement, AND if you want to get all GOP on their ass, her mothering skills. (Imagine what they’d of done to Hillary Clinton if Chelsea turned up pregnant in the 90s.)

It’s like Jon Stewart said, “Shit on Them!

If the shoe was on the other foot FOX “News” would be plastering this shit 24/7. Fuck the hurricane! We’ve got sex, teenagers, and famous politicians!

We are in a bare knuckled fight for the future of the greatest country on earth…. and we don’t get to set the rules. And unfortunately, against these motherfuckers, we don’t get to take the high road.

I hate to say it, I hate that this is what it takes, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Remember what happened a couple weeks ago when Bambi didn’t fight back against that celebrity nonsense? If he keeps taking the high road, by the end of next week they’ll be saying Obama knocked this kid up on his way to a madrassa after attending an arugula eating contest.  

So get in there Bambi, let ’em fucking have it. They’d do the same to you.

Written by gripedujour

Monday, September 1, 2008 at 5:26 pm