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God Has Voted— For Obama!

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From the New Yorker:

Before Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for President, in a Denver football stadium—”Focus on the Family”, one of the most powerful organizations on the religious right, posed a question to Internet viewers. “Would it be wrong to pray for rain?”

Apparently the answer was no, because they proceeded to do just that… Prayed for there to be rain— “abundant rain”, “torrential rain”, “rain of Biblical proportions”

“Pray for unexpected, unanticipated, unforecasted rain that starts two minutes before the speech is set to begin.” Then,  “There will probably be people who will pray for seventy-two degrees and clear skies, but this isn’t a contest.”

Obama gave his speech under clear skies with the thermometer at seventy-two degrees.


Adding insult to injury, and just to be sure His intentions were known: The Almighty arranged for a hurricane severe enough to disrupt the Republican National Convention, now didn’t he?

Yikes. God Hates Republicans.


Written by gripedujour

Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 8:50 am