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Barack Obama Sits Down with a Sexual Predator

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Forget naked pictures of Sarah Palin, stories of adultery, and pics of her drunk daughter. For something really salacious (and semi-sick) watch as Barack Obama sits down with a Fox “News” sexual predator for an “interview”.

For reasons only known to God, you can see a real-live whore chaser and adulterer who has an affinity for rubbing Greek food all over women’s vaginas not only act as though he deserves to be sitting with a historic figure like Barack Obama, but seems as smug as a guy with a dildo “shaped liked a cockup his butt.

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Bristol Palin Teenage Drunk

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Seems not only is Bristol knocked up, but following in the footsteps of the Bush twins, she likes to get her party on. New picks of the teenager in a drinking mood are floating around.

Pregnant, high school drop out, teenage drunk. When is it fair to start talking about Palin’s mothering skills?

Afterall, the GOP opened the door. When asked about her paper thin resume, every chance they get the Republican operatives always include “mother” in the list. As in, “She’s a Gov, a mother, a blah blah, blah. 

OK, so she’s a mother. If that’s part of her resume, part of her appeal, let’s talk about that— along with judgement and family values.

You don’t just get to open the door, say she’s a mother, then say we can’t talk about what kind of mother she is.

They opened the door, let’s walk on in.

Written by gripedujour

Tuesday, September 2, 2008 at 8:16 am