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Landslide? Really?

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Today all the blogs (that aren’t talking about the stock market) are a flutter with talk of a landslide this November— certain polls bear that out.



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Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 2:19 pm

After Debate, Obama Widens Lead

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Via Shattermatch: Two days after a presidential debate many commentators scored as a tie, it’s beginning to look like the public saw things differently, as several polls show a small but significant post-debate boost for Barack Obama. A USA Today/Gallup poll released Sunday showed 46 percent of debate-watchers believed Obama outperformed John McCain, while just 34 percent said McCain got the better of the exchange.

Thirty percent of debate-watchers said they had a more favorable opinion of Obama following the debate, compared with just 14 percent who said their opinion of him had worsened.

Respondents whose opinion of McCain changed as a result of the debate were evenly split, as 21 percent said their view of McCain had improved because of it and 21 percent said it had worsened.

The poll surveyed 701 adults who watched Friday’s debate, and all interviews were conducted on Saturday.

More here and here.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 10:08 pm

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Bambi Gaining in All the Right Spots

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Although recent polls show Obama gaining in a national race, we all know that ain’t how this shit is decided— if the American people got to choose the president we wouldn’t have this problem.

What does matter is the electoral college and there Obama is making some nice gains— probably due to the shift from bullshit like lipstick to real issues like the economy. (Bambi don’t do bullshit.)

Barry has broken out in the battleground states of Virginia and Florida according to the latest polling data. Moreover, Richie Rich and his team are having to worry about shit they should have all wrapped up like Indiana and North Carolina.

Since the conventions, Obama has also gained ground in the battlegrounds of Colorado and New Mexico.

This don’t mean it’s all over for grandpa Simpson, though. He still got good prospects in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio, but this recent polling is encouraging for Obama.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 3:25 am

McCain Jumps to 12 Point Lead Among White Women

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You have got to be kidding me. The guy who cheats on, then divorces, his first wife while she’s recovering from a car accident so he can go off and pick up a new and improved trophy wife 20 years his junior with piles of money, then spend the next 20 years telling rape jokes and calling his wife a cunt has a 12 point lead among white women! WTF?!

Apparently his nakedly cynical ploy of putting a prom queen on the ticket who clearly has no qualifications other than her vagina and is in favor of stripping women around the country of their right of Choice— even in cases of rape and incest– is working.

Here’s the latest poll data.

I seriously cannot believe this fucking stupid shit. Somebody please explain this to me!

Side note: I like Joe Biden and everything, but this latest round of polling, plus the news earlier about Bambi’s fund raising problems is seriously beginning to make me think he shoulda picked Hillary.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 1:17 pm

The Straight Dope

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Newsweek has a pretty damn good peice detailing exactly where the map stands now as well as where it could be after the McCain bounce (I know, I’m puking too) kicks in on a state level.

What there’s no denying, as evidenced here, is that McCain has pulled ahead on a national level. Electoral College-wise, it’s still Obama’s. But remember, there have still been no new polls released on a state level since the prom queen’s coming out party. This map is gonna shift.

Some relevant data from the entire article which can be found here:

Presidential election are fought on a state-by-state basis–not in the national polls. Here, the picture doesn’t look quite as rosy for McCain. According to Real Clear Politics, Obama currently leads in each of John Kerry’s 2004 states, including top McCain targets Michigan (+4.3 percent), New Hampshire (+0.3 percent), Pennsylvania (+5.0 percent) and Wisconsin (+7.2 percent).  He also leads by healthy margins in a pair of Bush states: New Mexico (+4.3 percent) and Iowa (+9.0 percent). If Obama can hold these advantages until Election Day, he’ll wind up with at least 263 electoral votes–seven shy of victory. That’s where the red states of Virginia and Colorado come in. At this point, Obama’s leading in the latter (+0.4 percent) and tied in the former. Win either one and the White House is his. At this point, RCP gives the Democrat 273 EVs (Colorado, no Virginia) to McCain’s 265; the prediction whizzes at are even more optimistic, projecting additional Obama victories in Virginia and Ohio for a final score of 304 to 234. Which means that while McCain is “winning” nationally, Obama is ahead in the electoral college.

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Monday, September 8, 2008 at 9:18 pm

Holy Crap! McCain 48%, Obama 45%

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File this under You’ll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of The American People:

In what can only be described as a true sign of the Apocalypse, Richie Rich has over taken Barack Obama in the latest poll, found here.

What next? Some TV show where celebrity has-beens dance around on screen captures the attention of the nation and rockets to the top of the ratings? New Kids on the Block get back together and relese an album that not only sells, but is a hit? A totally unqualified former beauty queen becomes a heartbeat away from the presidency when a cynical old man picks her out of nowhere and puts her on a national ticket?

Oh yeah. Never mind.

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Monday, September 8, 2008 at 4:53 am