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McCain Shoves Woman in Wheelchair…

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…and other examples of compassionate conservatism can be found in a recent detailed article appearing in McClatchy Newspapers.

The comprehensive piece on McCain’s temper covers everything from calling his wife a cunt to temper tantrums at age 2 that were so intense he would pass out— it’s all here.

Other lowlights include calling Texas Republican John Cornyn a “chickenshit” and telling him “fuck you” (Cheney style), the idea of him being POTUS “sending a shiver down the spine” of many Republicans, and of course the McCain classic:

As McCain continued walking, Jane Duke Gaylor, the mother of another missing serviceman, approached the senator. Gaylor, in a wheelchair equipped with portable oxygen, stretched her arms toward McCain.

“McCain stopped, glared at her, raised his left arm ready to strike her, composed himself and pushed the wheelchair away from him,” according to Eleanor Apodaca, the sister of an Air Force captain missing since 1967.

Full article here.


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Monday, September 8, 2008 at 9:39 am

Holy Crap! McCain 48%, Obama 45%

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File this under You’ll Never Go Broke Underestimating the Intelligence of The American People:

In what can only be described as a true sign of the Apocalypse, Richie Rich has over taken Barack Obama in the latest poll, found here.

What next? Some TV show where celebrity has-beens dance around on screen captures the attention of the nation and rockets to the top of the ratings? New Kids on the Block get back together and relese an album that not only sells, but is a hit? A totally unqualified former beauty queen becomes a heartbeat away from the presidency when a cynical old man picks her out of nowhere and puts her on a national ticket?

Oh yeah. Never mind.

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Monday, September 8, 2008 at 4:53 am

McCain Camp “Clears Up” Walter Reed Controversy (Yeah, right)

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Remember the story about how the McCain camp couldn’t tell the difference between Walter Reed Medical Facility and Walter Reed Middle School in Hollywood?

Well, the controversy is settled. Turns out the McCain camp meant to put up a picture of some obscure junior high school during McCain’s acceptance speech.

Is this seriously the best they’ve got? How fucking stupid do they think we are?!

Here’s the bullshit:

“According to campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds, the campaign intended to showcase “images of Americana” during the Arizona senator’s remarks.

“The changing image-screen was linked to the American thematics of the speech and the public school was simply part of it,” Mr. Bounds said, adding that during the speech, Mr. McCain “called for public education reforms that empower parents and students before bureaucrats and labor unions.”

Uh-huh. By the way, it only took them two days to come up with this “truth“.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the GOP’s strong suit always has been, and always will be, lying. They’ve clearly lost their gift.

I mean this lie is so bad I just gotta figure they don’t even give a shit anymore. They must just think the American people are so stupid (and who could blame ’em after they got away with the Palin pick?), that they can just say anything they want. Even that Obama wipes his ass with American flags. We’re stupid, we’ll fall for it. I mean most of us can only afford one house.

Country First my ass.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 12:52 am

Update: The National Enquirer May Have It Right (Again)!

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Couple days back a story broke that hot and slutty VP choice Sarah Palin had an affair with one of her husband’s former business partners. McCain threatened big time, rich boy legal shit and pretended it was all nonsense. Now comes word that this “ex-business partner” has just filed an emergency motion to have his divorce records sealed! Yikes!

Skeletons much, bitch?

The drama we all loved for years has been canceled. “The Clintons” will no longer be seen on this channel so that we may bring you the never-ending escapades of America’s newest white-trash political family, “The Palins”— Teenage Pregnancy! Drunk Kids on the Loose! Naked Pictures! Mad Affairs! Rednecks Aplenty! The Trailer Park’s Never Been So Much Fun!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008 at 9:40 am

RNC Releases Ad Attacking Obama’s Stage (It’s all they got)

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Poor bastards. The prom queen is under fire for nude pics, adulterous affairs, a drunk knocked up daughter, and oh yeah, she’s not even close to being qualified! Oh well.

So what do those whining bitches at the GOP have in return? Obama’s stage sucked!

This from a group of people who can’t even tell the difference between Walter Reed Hospital and a Junoir High School.

Here’s their weak-ass ad. Watch once, puke, repeat.

McCain Camp Confuses Walter Reed Hospital with Jr. High School

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Remember that big green blob behind McCain’s head during his acceptance speech? It was a lawn. The front lawn of Walter Reed Junior High School in Hollywood California. Problem is, the jerkoffs in the McCain camp thought it was a picture of Walter Reed Army Medical Center— the spot that houses our wounded soldiers after they come back from Bush’s mess in the Middle East.

And they want to run the country? Plus, they got the nerve to complain about Obama’s stage?! Asshats.

As always, please ask yourself what the right-wing reaction would be if Barack Obama’s campaign confused the two. Anyone for this bullshit: “They don’t really support our troops! They don’t even know the difference between a Hollywood High School and our nation’s most important medical facility for wounded heroes!”

Did I mention the “asshat” part?

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Friday, September 5, 2008 at 9:25 pm

Sarah Palin’s Lover?

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By now you’re familiar with the National Enquirer story that Princess Palin has been foolin’ around. Well, here’s the guy the National Enquirer thinks has been banging the prom queen. His name is Brad Hanson and here are some basic stats on the man from Palmer, Alaska:

Re-elected October 2005, with current term ending October 2008.

Council Member Hanson was elected by the City of Palmer voters to serve in October of 2002 and re-elected October 2005. His current term ends in October 2008.

Is facial hair, like mandatory in the state of Alaska? We know Bristol’s baby daddy favors the look. If Palin is elected will we all be forced to give up our liberal abortions, have pregnant teenage daughters and ordered to get down with the chin pubes?